“Got the harness on Friday. IT LOOKS GREAT!  I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for straps for their gliders. Thank you for your prompt quality work”.

David Donaldson
Audit Technology Group

"Thank you for your prompt service and reasonable price".

Tim Brown

"Thank you for the excellent service. I will definitely be sending you more business".

Heliquest AviationAudit Technology Group
“Thanks for the prompt expert service. I passed on a good recommendation to the two main AMO's at Waterloo Regional Airport". They were happy to know there was a Canadian they could deal with".

Steve Lubzak

"A couple of months ago I ran into a problem that I didn’t expect. Apparently on many European gliders you have to replace the seatbelt after 10 years.  I then found out that you could just replace the belt fabric (rewebbing).

An AME gave me the name of a company in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. I put the harness on the bus and sent them to GJ's Aircraft Belts Inc. and a week later I had the seatbelt back with the new fabric and Canadian Aviation Documentation certifying the belts for use on aircraft. The workmanship was perfect and when was the last time any glider repair took only a week. On top of it, the owner phoned me a couple days after I received them back to make sure that they arrived and I was happy with the job.

When was the last time you got service like that"?

Mark Westphal